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When one of the Grigori is murdered, the shock of witnessing the event sends Hope Magee into Transfiguration -- the biological process of turning from human to vampire -- one year early. She awakens in the arms of Zeke, the male she's loved almost from first sight. She wants to believe more than just blood ties them together but Zeke's denials of both her and their bond leaves her fighting to protect her heart from the person who could shatter it into a million pieces.

Zeke swore he would never take a heart-mate. But when Hope's Transfiguration unexpectedly hits. he's forced to choose who will help her through her transformation to vampire' that the blood of one of his fellow Grigori might bond her to another male is something he can't allow. Yet Zeke has secrets, things that could destroy their fragile bond. He's honor-bound to let her go but how can he push her away when she is filling every crevice of his soul? With a traitor on the loose and Hope's very life threatened, Zeke must decide which is more important, his honor or his heart.

Without Hope, he just might lose both.

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Charity Received
ISBN: 978-1-60737-993-5
Available now from Loose Id!

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