In 2006, a dear friend gave Madelyn a copy of Laurel Hamilton's Guilty Pleasures and she was stunned that books about vampires were actually being published. Where had she been all these years....? Lost somewhere in the land of the Little Mermaid, most likely. Suddenly insanity hit and she thought, "I can do this!"

Well, sadly for her husband and three children, sanity never did return and now Madelyn spends most of her days immersed in a world of her own making. The stories and characters are clambering to get out of her head; filling her days (and nights) putting pen (yes pen) to paper in the effort to silence the voices (he he).

Now trying desperately to ignore the mounding laundry and the children screaming for dinner, the stories just keep coming.

Her husband blames Kris. You can, too.


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